Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scott and Dad's Trek to Alaska

These are some pictures from Scott and Dad's trip to Alaska. This one is Scott driving through Kansas. As you can see there was a lot of beautiful scenery to look at.

This picture is Scott driving into Estes Park Colorado. The scenery has gotten a little better.

This is a rock that Scott decided to climb that was outside their hotel in Estes Park. The climb was very steep. My brother Ross would be jealous.

This is a picture of the entire rock.

This is a picture of the hotel in Estes Park. The open window is the room Scott and Dad were staying in.

This shows the hotel and the beautiful surroundings.

This is a view from the road through the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Here is a sweet picture of the two adventurers.

Here is Dad standing in front of a bunch of snow at 12,000 feet altitude. This was June 15 and the temperature was 30 degrees.

Here is a picture of the cabins near Dutch John, Utah.

This is a picture from across the lake. You can see the cabins in the background. The scenery was beautiful.

This is the sunset over the lake.

This is the inside of the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park. Scott was in log cabin paradise.

Here is a picture of Old Faithful before going off.

Here is the outside of the Inn.

Here is Old Faithful going off.

This is the view from our hotel room just outside Glacier National Park.

This is the ferry that takes cars across the Yukon River. The highway turns to dirt on the other side of the river. They traveled on the dirt highway for over 100 miles.

Here is Dawson City. It was the last stop before they entered Alaska. None of the streets were paved because of the perma-frost. It was just under 2 degrees lattitude from being at the arctic circle. This was on the longest day of the year. This is as dark as it got the entire day.


McKinney Madness said...

Wow! Well it looks like they were able to make the most out of their journey! So glad they made it their safely... especially with Scott climbing that rock! SCARY!!

Beverly said...

Wow, what an adventure!!! We were at estes park hiking on june 12-16....which we would have run into your family! Infact on the 15th we were eating in the Chalet at mary's lodge...where you guys stayed!!!! Hope things are going well in Alaska!