Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crow Creek Pass Trail

This is a hike that I (Scott) went on this past Wednesday. It is a trail that goes for over 20 miles. I only did five miles of it (10 miles round trip) to reach Raven glacier. Those pictures are later on in this post. It was another truly amazing hike through beautiful country. This trail was about 50 minutes from Anchorage. This is a picture looking from the trail back toward the town of Girdwood.

This shows some of the beautiful scenery along the trail.

You can see the trail below in this picture.
This shows one of the many rivers that flow through the area. These are all from snow or glacier run off.
This was part of the trail. In the back country, some of the snow has not melted. A hiker can be seen in the distance. This trail had more snow on it than any other I have done yet. Ironically I was wearing pants and a short sleeve t-shirt though.

More scenery!

This is a picture of Raven glacier. I ended up deciding to hike over to it. I have never been that close to a glacier before so I wanted to get a better view. My adventurous side couldn't let this opportunity pass! The steep snow bank on the right of the picture is what I hiked along to get to the glacier. Mom, I know what you are going to say!
Here I am on the glacier. The glacier went all the way up to the top of the mountain. The further up you went the more snow was on the ground. Further down it was more ice and rock. Behind me was a couple who were camping along side the glacier. I think they were surprised to see me!
Here is more of the icy/rocky part closer to me and just ice in the distance.

Here is a beautiful iced lake along the trail. The reflection made for an amazing scene.

This is the river leading out of the lake.

I was blessed to run across some mountain goats along the trail. I was able to get within 15 yards of these three! I hope to be able to hunt them while in Alaska. You can see them along the side of the rough terrain. The are very adapt to climbing.

Here is one up close. He is shedding his winter coat.

Here are the other two. I was amazed at how close they allowed me to get.

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