Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scott's Trip Across the Pond

This is a blog about Scott's trip to Greece and England with the military. As you can tell he really had to rough it while on the road. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures he and his crew took while answering the call of their country ;)
Pictures from Greece
The harbor at Chania (the C is silent)
Market street
My Room
A beautiful view from the hotel in Crete
The water crashing on the rocks

Jolly Ole England

ParlamentBig Ben
The Tower Bridge
Westminister Abbey
Buckingham Palace
Harry Potter's Platform at King's Cross
A well known pub where we ate dinner
The Tower of London
Entrance to the Tower of London
The White Tower at the Tower of London
A well endowed knight
Conversing with some of the local folk

Sunday, October 4, 2009

September Pictures

Well Scott and I are back together in OK again. Below are some pictures from the past month. Scott plans on blogging some of the picturres he took while he was in Crete and England.
This one is a sweet note Scott left for me.
Jackson's Halloween costume...our little monkey!
This was when Scott and Jackson saw eachother after being apart for over 2 weeks...notice Scott's smile!
Jackson passed out on our plane ride home.
Havin fun with Grandaddy! (Rachael's Dad)
Our happy boy!
Ellison, Jackson, Sam, and Papa celebrating Papa's birthday (Scott's Dad)
Grandmomma Watson with Jackson in their new back yard (Scott's mother)Jackson with Grandmomma Sue
Great-Grandaddy Jameson reading to Jackson (Scott's grandfather)
Keke's going-away party. He's going to California and we are going to miss him!
Jackson playing outside at my parent's. My Mom vacuuming Raegen's apartment in Auburn...she is quite the perfectionist!
The whole gang tailgating at the Auburn game.
The Kellis girls: Me, Raegen, Raleigh, and Rochelle
My best buds from Auburn...Cortney and Jessa
Cortney, Rachael, and Jackson. War Eagle!
Being goofy...Raegen, Rachael, and Raleigh
Gettin loved on by Grandmomma Kellis (Rachael's Mom)
Keke and Jackson
Rochelle...the family cross country star!
Emma Cassady...we watched her one night while her parents went to an OU game...isn't she a beautiful little girl?!!
Me with Jackson and Emma.
Our two neighbor girls that come over to visit from time to time...Jaycee and Erin