Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our trip to Gulf Shores

This past weekend we went to Gulf Shores, AL to see my cousin get married and to visit family. My Mom rented our family a house on the beach. The visiting and the weather was great! The only downer was the 14 hour road trip there and back.

My girls and my boy at the beach in Gulf Shores.
Jackson passed out on his Grandmomma at the reception.
Me and my precious baby boy.
Jackson did not like his first experience with the cold ocean water.
Scott thought putting flowers in his ears would be cute.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break 2001

It was this month 8 years ago when Scott and I met in Daytona Beach, FL on Spring Break. It was a great week and one I never will forget! I was 19 and Scott was 22. Here are some pictures from that week.
This picture was taken hours before I auctually met Scott outside in the parking lot. These are 2 of my best friends STILL...Jessa and Cortney. We all went to Auburn together and now they live in Birmingham, AL.
This was taken the night after I met Scott. My friends and I were just trying to get him to dress up in clothes at the Wings store so we could have an excuse to take a picture of him!Lovin' that cuddle time!
Jessa, Tara, me, Cortney, and Meghan. The group of girl friends I went with to Daytona. We were all friends from Auburn. And NO, we did NOT flash our boobs to get the beads...we flashed our smile!
This is the night we had our first kiss.

Something we still love to do!

We started dating during this week and got married the following June in 2002...almost a year later.

Jackson at 8 months

Jackson first pool experience
Jackson's knocked out over a long day.
Jackson flipped over in his crib Jackson is now moving all around his crib and throwing his animals around.