Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Highlights

Here is Jackson ready for church Sunday morning. Thanks Mom and Dad for pretty much his entire wardrobe. My good friend Laura stopped in for a visit...I think Jackson likes her!

We had some cold days in October and so here is Jackson suited up to play outside. We try to let him play outside for a half hour to an hour everyday since he loves it so much. We think he'd stay outside all day if we'd let him.

Dressed up for the Fall Festival at church. Jackson was not his normal happy self this night because there was so much noise and so many people. He does not like loud noises.

A beautiful sunset taken from our backyard.

Me and Jackson wandering around outside while we were away at a retreat.

One of my very good friends got engaged! Lindsay and I have been friends since middle school....Congratulations!!!!

July Family Photos

These pictures were taken in July 2009 by Lucas Brown with Kickstand Studio.
This is one of Jackson's one-year old photos.Scott, Jackson, and Rachael

The 7 Kellis Kids (ages)
top left to right: Ross (24), Rhett (26), Raegen (18)
bottom left to right: Rom (29), Rachael (28), Rochelle (14), and Raleigh (16)

top, left to right: Keke', Ross, Heather, Scott with Jackson, Rachael, Rhett with Bella, Bethany with Maya, Rom, Chelsea with Sophia
bottom left to right: Rochelle, Raegen, Raleigh, Mom, Dad, Rom, and Ryder