Friday, September 11, 2009

Travel plans

Well, it is that time again...time for Scott to do some missions with the Air Force and me to use the opportunity to go home to SC for a visit. I do miss my family and friends back in the southeast and I am really looking foward to seeing them! I leave on Monday, September 14th and return on Saturday, September 26th. Scott is leaving on the 17th and should be back a week later. I sure am going to miss him!

Jackson at 14 months

Jackson is 14 months old now and I cannot believe how fast he is growing up! I know you always hear mothers say that, but it is so true! The other night I had a dream that I put him down for a nap and when he woke up, he was a teenager! I was so upset that my baby boy was gone, I woke up crying!
This past week he has really taken to the outdoors. He loves to just walk around outside picking up sticks, grass, dirt, flowers, mulch, etc.. He usually gets so dirty I have to give him a bath as soon as we go back inside. I thought little boys started getting into the outdoors around age 3 or 4.... not 14 months! I guess this proves he is Scott's son. :) He LOVES sticks!
He loves being read to and looking through his books on his own.
Gearing up for the winter...
Playing IN his toy box.
Jackson is over 28 lbs now and poops all the time!!!