Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November and half of December

Scott and I went out on a date to celebrate his 33rd Birthday.

This is our Life Group at our last meeting of the year.
Jackson with Santa

My brother Ross and his wife, Heather, had their baby Adelaide on November 17th. They flew to South Africa to have her instead of having her in Tanzania. She is my brother's look alike as you can see...Ross, Heather and Adelaide.
Scott cuddling with Carolina.
Scott with a 7 foot icicle.
It looks cold here and it IS cold here!
This picture is taken at Scott's ceremony for having a plane named after him. Also, Scott was on the show Coast Guard Alaska last week after being rescued (because of his friend) on Kodiak Island. And if Scott was not already popular enough, he is also in charge of the entire Air Show here in Anchorage this summer. As you can see, he is NOT flying under the radar here in Alaska. :)
Me with my babes on Thanksgiving.
Carolina at 4months old.

Jackson's favorite thing to do outside is eat the snow.

Carolina has the giggles: