Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is my baby brother Ross. He and his wife Heather just left for Africa with 3 other couples. They are on a mission team whose goal is to disciple the Makonde people. They are going to be in Tanga, Tanzania for the first 4 months learning the language then they are going to Mtwara for the rest of the time. Ross plans on going into the villages and wherever else the Lord takes him. Ross is very gifted at evangelism and I know the Lord is leading this team so I am excited to see what happens. Please Please Please keep Ross, Heather, and the rest of the Makonde team in your prayers! Mom, Raegen, Rhett, and I visited Ross the days leading up to his departure. Here Rhett and Ross are spraying Ross and Heather's clothes with something to repel the mosquitoes. Malaria is bad where they are going.
I flew from SC to AL to visit my Grandmother for her 80th birthday. I got to stay with my cousin Gian and his wife Mandy since my grandparent's house was full. I really enjoyed my stay with them. We were able to get our very own tour of the fire station thanks to my cousin Neil who works there. Below: Neil, me, Jackson, Griffin, Alanah, and Mandy
Me and Jackson at Grandmother's Birthday party dinner
Mom, me, and Grandmother
Most of the Kellis cousins: Ryder, Jackson, Bella, Rom, and Maya
My niece, Sophia, turned 3 while I was in SC visiting. so we were able to go to her birthday party at Monkey Joes. Here is Jackson going down the slide.
Little Rom is always good at helping me with Jackson.
Me and the Birthday girl!
Anton is the foreign exchange student that is living with my family this year. He is from Sweden, he is very good at football, he fits in very well with my family, and is a great addition!
After Raegen's wedding we went to Greenville to visit Scott's friends and family. Here Jackson is playing in Scott's parent's backyard.
Jackson with Grandmomma Watson (Scott's mom)
We got away for a bit, just me and Scott, to go to his family's lake house and swim. It was a nice little get-a-way.

The Wedding Day!

Cale and Raegen got married at my parent's house like I did. Here she is on the front porch. Before the guests arrived
Her shoes...very cool!
My parents hired a professional make-up artist and hair stylist for the wedding party. It was fun being able to hang around and visit while waiting our turn for beauty treatments.
The beautiful bride waiting around
The bridesmaids and bridesman
Me and Raegen
My 2 best friends from college came to the wedding and I was so happy to see them! It was the first time I got to meet Cooper in person. He is such an adorable little baby!!! Cortney is due around Thanksgiving. YAY!!!!
Me and my man! I made the tie for him on Father's Day last year. It's always a hit!
Dad and Mom with Raegen.
My sister-in-laws: Bethany, Heather, and Chelsea
Me and Billy walking together. He was our preacher when we lived in Mississippi.
Coming down the isle
I think she's happy ;)

My brother Ross preformed the ceremony.
The Reception
Their first dance as a married couple
I thought the cakes looked great

Day before Raegen's Wedding

My brothers and sisters at the rehearsal dinner from youngest to oldest: Rochelle, Raleigh, Raegen, Ross, Rhett, Rachael, RomFriday morning the bridesmaids got pedicures and manicures Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. Our good friends Lee and Cheryl were there so it was great getting to visit with them a while. My parents are at the table with us too.

Rachael and Cheryl...I guess we both got the blue memo This is my cousin's little girl, Savannah...she is such a doll!!! I wish I could see her more often!

I was glad to be able to visit with my cousins Sarah and Rebecca on Friday. I always enjoy hanging out with them. And....Rebecca is in her 2nd trimester! YAY!!!

Raegen's Lingerie Shower

Raleigh, Rochelle, and I hosted a lingerie shower for Raegen a few days before her wedding.
Rochelle, Rachael, Raegen, and Raleigh...the sisters
We LOVE our Dad!
It was a great turn out and she got a lot of nice gifts!

Walk through the woods

There are hundreds of miles of trails in and around Anchorage. We decided to walk one of the trails near our house that is in a city park. I only wanted to walk 3-4 miles, but once again we got twist turned around and ended up walking a lot longer. I like walking on trails through the woods and this particular trail was very pretty. We did have to watch out for bears though. There was a creek next to the trail that we stopped at and let Jackson play in. It was so cold, but that did not stop Jackson!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Giant Alaskan Malamute

Our friends, Paul and Devon, have 2 Giant Alaskan Malamutes. These dogs are popular here in Alaska because their thick coat keeps them warm in the winter. They are also used for mushing. These dogs can get over 200lbs. Devon and Otto. Here the dog is about 8 weeks old.