Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in Alaska

Well I am back in Alaska after being gone for about a month and I got here just in time for the first snow! On our way to church this morning my car said it was 28 degrees outside and during church it started snowing!!! I was wearing sundresses a couple days ago and now I'm in my winter clothes! Weird.
There was a lot going on that kept me in the "lower 48" (as the folks from Alaska like to say) sister Raegen got married, we visited Scott's family and friends in Greenville, I stayed home with my sisters while my parents went out of town, I flew to Alabama for my Grandmother's 80th Birthday then I flew to Arkansas to visit my brother Ross before he went to Africa for 10 years. Busy Busy!!! I am glad to be back home with Scott and settled into my own routine, but I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with many of my loved ones.
As you can see from the post below, Scott made good use of his time while we were gone.
I plan on blogging pictures from the trip soon.

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hilary said...

I saw you at Spanish Fort last Sunday! I didn't get to speak to you...Juliet had a fit and we left early. We were just visiting.