Friday, April 6, 2012


Carolina's 8 month pictureOur most recent family picture. Two days after this picture was taken I got my hair cut above my shoulders
This was taken way out in the Alaskan boonies the weekend of the Ladies Retreat. The snow bank is taller than me! We are about to break the record for most snowfall in Anchorage's history!
This is my friend Ashley in the sled they gave us to load our luggage in and bring to the cabin for the Ladies Retreat.
Jackson on top of the snow cave Scott made for him

Scott now has 2 Caribou mounts and 1 moose mount dominating our basement
Sweet Carolina Girl!
Just had to get out and get some sun!
Putting on Daddy's boots..
Carolina does seem to be turning out to be a bit of a Daddy's girl
Jackson with a big icicle
Rochelle at her beauty pageant

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My happy girl!
The 2011 Mullins Babes: James, Carolina, George, Bennie, Adelaide
The 2011 Mullins Moms with Baby:
Rebecca & James, Me & Carolina, Sarah & George, Mandy & Bennie, Heather & Adelaide
me and Rochelle
Me & Raleigh
Me and my hubby
Jackson and Alyssa. Alyssa watched Jackson for us all week while we were at home
Me and Ross
Heather and Carolina
Rom V and Carolina
Carolina and Adelaide...I'm so glad Carolina has a cousin close to her age
Carolina and her Great Grandpaw
4 generations
Bella and Carolina
This was the group that went to the airport to greet Ross, Heather, and Adelaide
the gals
Rochelle and Carolina
me and my sweet baby her!!!
The Hamiltons: Hugh, Scott, and Jackson
Jackson and all his cousins from Scott's side of the family plus Papa and Grandmomma
check out her finger :)