Friday, April 6, 2012


Carolina's 8 month pictureOur most recent family picture. Two days after this picture was taken I got my hair cut above my shoulders
This was taken way out in the Alaskan boonies the weekend of the Ladies Retreat. The snow bank is taller than me! We are about to break the record for most snowfall in Anchorage's history!
This is my friend Ashley in the sled they gave us to load our luggage in and bring to the cabin for the Ladies Retreat.
Jackson on top of the snow cave Scott made for him

Scott now has 2 Caribou mounts and 1 moose mount dominating our basement
Sweet Carolina Girl!
Just had to get out and get some sun!
Putting on Daddy's boots..
Carolina does seem to be turning out to be a bit of a Daddy's girl
Jackson with a big icicle
Rochelle at her beauty pageant


Momof2_girls said...

lol hey there my dear still remember me? your family is so growing up.. hope yall are doing well... my email is if you get a chance drop me a line...

rebeckaoneal said...

Hey it is such a small world!! I saw this girl walk into church today and I thought wow she looks like Rachel. after talking to her I figured out she is your sister!!! I see everything is going well for you and scott!! congrats on the new buddle of joy!! I havent been blogging much lately but hope to get back into it soon!! I stop by from time to time to see how you guys are doing in Alaska!! Hope you visit soon would love to see you it has been so long!! Rebecka

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family! So funny... I found this blog googling my own name, and it turns out we not only have the same first and last name, but we are both military wives and we both have a little boy and a little girl (mine are 3 and 1, respectively).

Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

Hi, Rachel. Just wondering the best way to contact you guys. Sent me an email amandaatviennateamdotorg. Hope you are doing well.