Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November and half of December

Scott and I went out on a date to celebrate his 33rd Birthday.

This is our Life Group at our last meeting of the year.
Jackson with Santa

My brother Ross and his wife, Heather, had their baby Adelaide on November 17th. They flew to South Africa to have her instead of having her in Tanzania. She is my brother's look alike as you can see...Ross, Heather and Adelaide.
Scott cuddling with Carolina.
Scott with a 7 foot icicle.
It looks cold here and it IS cold here!
This picture is taken at Scott's ceremony for having a plane named after him. Also, Scott was on the show Coast Guard Alaska last week after being rescued (because of his friend) on Kodiak Island. And if Scott was not already popular enough, he is also in charge of the entire Air Show here in Anchorage this summer. As you can see, he is NOT flying under the radar here in Alaska. :)
Me with my babes on Thanksgiving.
Carolina at 4months old.

Jackson's favorite thing to do outside is eat the snow.

Carolina has the giggles:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Highlights

I finally decided on what type of cloth diaper to go with and this is it: Indian prefolds, with a nylon cover and Snappis to hold the cloth on.We had our first snow October 30th. We had to get my studded snow tires put on today so I can get out an drive. Jackson's favorite part is eating the snow.
Carolina's first time in the walker. She really likes being up and able to look around.
My mother-in-law, Charlotte, came for 2 weeks to help me with the kids while Scott went elk hunting. He ended up coming back early because the guy who went him couldn't keep up then started going hypothermic. He ended up pressing the emergency beacon button and the Coast Guard helicopter came down and picked them up. Scott was bummed, but I was not.
Charlotte was a lot of help and we all enjoyed her visit!
My happy girl!
Jackson did this to himself.
The picture of Jesus that Akiane Kramarik painted at age 9. She and Colton Burpo (Heaven Is For Real) say this is what Jesus looks like.
They did a lot of reading and...
movie watching.
My friend Jessa had Peyton Anne in October. Jessa was full-term and Peyton Anne was 5 lbs!
She is healthy and doing well. We are so happy for them!
I guess the sermon was doing much for her :)

Ross and Heather in Tanzania, Africa. She is 7 months pregnant here. She's due around Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mountain Goat Hunt

Hello everyone! Yes this is another story about my hunting trips in Alaska. Are you seeing a theme? This one was a mountain goat hunt in the mountains behind Anchorage. A friend and I took a plane ride about thirty minutes east of Anchorage to a place called Lake George. The first picture is of the landing strip and me standing there waiting for Dan to arrive. It was some beautiful country but the hardest hunt I have ever been on!

Dan and I getting ready to hike to camp. The scenery is breath taking!

Pictures from the side of the mountain we climbed to get to some goats.

This goat is not one that I killed. I did shoot a goat, but it rolled off the side of a cliff which is right behind me in this picture. I was so disappointed that I went through all that effort to come away with nothing. I guess thats why it is called hunting and not killing. I'm still a little bitter about it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

September trip to SC

I took the kids home to SC the month of September since Scott had 3 hunting trips and 1 work trip. This was taken when we got back to Alaska and reunited with Scott. Jackson really missed his Daddy!
The 7 cousins on my side of the family: Jackson, Rom, Carolina, Sophia, Bella, Maya, Ryder
Me and Jackson at Chris and Lauren's wedding reception
My sisters were bridesmaids and I was an honorary bridesmaid.
My happy girl
Me and Chris the morning of his wedding
Lauren at her wedding rehearsal
Hugh and Carolina
Jackson's "toy" for about an hour...that poor grasshopper!

Dad and Carolina
Alex, Amie, Suzanne, Liza, Sam, and Ellison came to visit us
Charlotte and Jackson...he was sick
Charlotte and Carolina
Carolina and her great-grandmother
Nancy and Keke with Carolina
Cale and Raegen with the kiddos
Mom and Carolina
Rebecca, James, me, Carolina, Sarah, George
Rhett, Bethany, Bella, Maya, and Sophia checking out Carolina
Jackson playing with a dead frog my brother Rom gave him
the cousins
Raleigh and Carolina
Rochelle and Carolina