Thursday, October 6, 2011

September trip to SC

I took the kids home to SC the month of September since Scott had 3 hunting trips and 1 work trip. This was taken when we got back to Alaska and reunited with Scott. Jackson really missed his Daddy!
The 7 cousins on my side of the family: Jackson, Rom, Carolina, Sophia, Bella, Maya, Ryder
Me and Jackson at Chris and Lauren's wedding reception
My sisters were bridesmaids and I was an honorary bridesmaid.
My happy girl
Me and Chris the morning of his wedding
Lauren at her wedding rehearsal
Hugh and Carolina
Jackson's "toy" for about an hour...that poor grasshopper!

Dad and Carolina
Alex, Amie, Suzanne, Liza, Sam, and Ellison came to visit us
Charlotte and Jackson...he was sick
Charlotte and Carolina
Carolina and her great-grandmother
Nancy and Keke with Carolina
Cale and Raegen with the kiddos
Mom and Carolina
Rebecca, James, me, Carolina, Sarah, George
Rhett, Bethany, Bella, Maya, and Sophia checking out Carolina
Jackson playing with a dead frog my brother Rom gave him
the cousins
Raleigh and Carolina
Rochelle and Carolina

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Michelle said...

You're kids are getting so big! Carolina is so pretty! Glad you all are doing well. Maybe if I ever make it to Alaska we can visit you, Cooper has been asking to go there to see a walrus, hahaha.