Friday, April 23, 2010


To my recollection I thought kids formed attachments to blankies, stuff animals, etc... But it seems as though Jackson has formed strong attachements with some of his choice toys. We cannot get him to part with them even to go to sleep. See pictures below.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter and Scott's Back

Jackson did not care too much for the Easter Bunny! He's pointing to me...isn't that sweet!?!?!?
This is Jackson's first Easter basket since Scott talked me out of doing one for Jackson last year.
We "hid" eggs filled with "candy" around the den.
He would not put his new truck down!

Letting Da smell the flower

My Mom got him his Easter outfit and shoes and boy was I relieved!

We went to a friends house for an Easter egg hunt. Jackson really did not care about the eggs as much as the playground equipment.

Jackson and Emma squished in that car.

About Scott's Back: The weekend of March 20th we drove to Birmingham to visit friends and family. Scott bent down to pick Jackson up and put him in his car seat and he said it felt like someone shot him in the back. From that point on he could not stand up straight and could barely walk. It did not get any better after a night's sleep so the next day I took him to the ER at UAB in Birmingham. They took some x rays, gave him pain medicine, muscle relaxers, etc... and sent him home. The next day my Dad drove us back to Oklahoma so I would not have the stress of taking care of Scott, Jackson and trying to stay awake for the entire 10 hour trip. He flew home the next morning. Anyway, the pain got lesser and lesser as the days passed so that was good. Scott ended up getting an MRI done that week and the next week a doctor on base told him his spinal column is not perfectly round like it's supposed to be and that maybe causing the pain and sensations down his leg and other parts of his body. He's sending him to a Neurosurgeon so a more trained eye can have a look at it. The doc on base also said he did not think he would need surgery soon, but maybe down the road. Scott is still waiting to see the Neurosurgeon.