Sunday, July 18, 2010

Salmon Fishing

This past Friday, I left to go fishing for salmon with a friend from church and his friend from work. We got to go to a private cabin. This was huge because I have never fished for salmon. This means that we would not be shoulder to shoulder trying to get fish. Also the family that owned the cabin were guides on the Kenai River. They helped teach me what I was doing. This is their cabin. We fished right out front in the river.

This is looking up the river at the house next to this one. They were out fishing too.

This is Paul and Derrick fishing. The river was very cold. It is flows from a lake that is glacier fed. We had to take breaks every once in awhile to warm up. The river is around 40 degrees.

These are the three fish that I caught on Saturday. I put my boot in the picture to give you perspective on how big the fish were. The limit on catching Red Salmon are three a day. My boot is a size 12. They had a lot of fight and were really fun to catch.

Here are the three that I caught on Friday evening. We fished until 1 am that night. Once you hit midnight you can catch three more but that didn't happen for us. With all six salmon it made about 45-50 steaks. We will be eating good for a long time!!


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Pack me up some of that! I had a great time catching up with Rachael today! Miss you guys!

Michelle said...

Love reading your posts! Guess you have more to write about now that you are in Alaska... :)

McKinney Madness said...

Way to go Scott! You're not having fun there are you?!?!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Those are HUMONGOUS!!! Wow! Incredible! You guys look like you're having a blast! Enjoy seeing all the updates! Keep them coming! We miss you guys!