Thursday, July 15, 2010

O'Malley Hike

Yes, more pictures from a hike. I told Scott on Monday I wanted to go on a walk somewhere outside where it was pretty since the sun was out. We arrive at the Power Line Trail which is wide and not steep to walk it and Scott sees O'Malley trail off in the distance that goes to the top of a nearby mountain and of course he convinces me we should take the hike instead of the walk. Here we are before our hike...not walk. This is the Power Line trail I wanted to looks pleasant, doesn't it?
If you look closely you can see the O"Malley trail going up the mountain in this picture.

At the top of the mountain there was snow that Jackson played in and ate.
We have learned that Jackson does not get cold as easily as I do (which is like Scott), but when he does get cold, he gets as angry as I do about it! He was screaming crying on the top of the mountain from being cold before we got his coat on him. After that he held the hood down all the way over his face until it got warmer. Here he is peeping out for the picture.

The next 4 photos are views from the top of the mountain. As usual, the view was amazing and quite a marvel of God's handiwork!
You can see the city of Anchorage off in the distance in this picture and the one below.


McKinney Madness said...

Umm... I would have told Scott he could go on the hike without me. It looks like it went straight up!! You guys are gonna be in such great shape by the time you leave Alaska!!

Andrea said...

So beautiful!!!