Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Pics

I am 36 weeks pregnant here. At my doctor visit yesterday Carolina was still head down so that means it looks like I will be able to try a VBAC and I am praising God for that! Friday I will be 37 weeks and I am chomping at the bits to have my little girl in my arms! My Mom, Raleigh, and Rochelle are flying out next Saturday when I am 38 weeks. I am so glad they are coming as I need their help passing the time...it seems to have slowed down!Here is Jackson with his birthday gifts from Grandmomma and Papa Watson.
Here is something I love to see...my boy eating raw organic veggies!
Scott did not have to go in to work today so he and Jackson enjoyed some time together wrestling, hanging out, and watching movies.
Jackson was very interested in being with his daddy as Scott cleaned the 3 salmon and 4 halibut he caught over the weekend. He ended up with about 50 lbs of fish to eat.
Scott went on an overnight halibut fishing trip Saturday and caught the biggest fish. It weighed about 45 lbs.
Last week we drove down to the Russian River for Scott to salmon fish. Scott snagged 6 fish, but only caught one. There are 2 salmon runs a year where the salmon swim up river to lay their eggs then die. This is when people are out there trying to catch them the most.
Jackson was very interested in all the fish that other people had caught laying on the side of the river. The problem was he thought all the fish were his so he got upset when we had to leave them. He really liked touching their eyes. While we were there a bear came down out of the woods and took one man's fish. You've really got to watch out for bears around here!
Jackson's job was to carry the net and help Daddy once he caught a fish. He seemed to take that job very seriously.
One neat thing Anchorage does during the summer months is put on a music show for little kids in a park in downtown. It was neat, but Jackson just ran around so its was stressful for me.

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Kayla said...

Bears??? Close enough to steal the fish people caught....ummm...do they not steal 3 year old cute little boys too??? Freaky!