Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Pics

I wish I would have taken more pictures while I was home in SC, but these will have to do.
Mom and me. Yes, she's lost a lot of weight and looks great! A shot of the 4 sisters...now that Raegen lives in Dallas and I live in Anchorage, pictures like this one are hard to come by. It was good seeing my girls in May. :)
My very good friend of so many years, Lisa, and her twins.
Jackson with cousins, Bella and Maya.
Jackson taking a nap with Papa and Grandmomma after much play.
My nephew Ryder before his baseeball game.
My nephew Rom after his baseball game.
Jackson with Suzie and Grandaddy.
Grandaddy showing Jackson how to drive a train.
Scott's dad builds trains and we are on one of them. You know Jackson loved getting to ride and drive a real train!
My good friend Lindsay. She lives in Greenville so when I go see Scott's side of the family I usually get to hang out with her as well.
Jackson with Papa. He loves riding the tractor with him!
Our Easter family photo.
Jackson's favorite video:

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McKinney Madness said...

First of all, since when did Raegen move to Dallas?? I don't think I knew that. Secondly, you look great (as I knew you would). Thirdly, your mom looks gorgeous! Fourthly, I miss you.