Monday, September 29, 2008

Birmingham, AL Visit

My best friend from college, Jessa Mullen. My best friend from college, Cortney McKinney. Cherry Mom's first cousin. Yes, I need some lipstick in this picture. My second cousins, John and Meredith DeRosa. Joe DeRosa...he's my mom's first cousin's husband.
By buds, Jessa and Corteny. WAR EAGLE!!!!

I also got a chance to visit other aunts, uncles's, and cousins while in Birmingham, but did not get a picture of everyone. : (

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Erin Lewis said...

I LOVE the onzie Jackson is wearing for this special reunion/occasion! How perfect! Kevin's family are big Auburn fans and his brother gave us the cutest UA booties and hat - they are already in the hospital bag! We can't wait to see you and meet Jackson this weekend!