Monday, September 29, 2008

Greenville Schedule

We have yet to visit Greenville and show Jackson to Scott's side of the family and some other friends and family we have up there so here is the schedule:
Thursday, October to Scott's parents house
Friday, October 3rd.....visit Scott's Grandaddy and Sue and Eric and Brandi Watson
Saturday, October 4th....hang out at the house and visit Lindsay in the evening
Sunday, October 5th....Church with the Murphrees, lunch with the Hamiltons, Michael's Birthday party at 4:00
Monday, October 6th....visit Erin and Kevin's new baby, visit and spend the night with the Murphree's
Tuesday, October 7th.....hang out with Aunt Rhonde' then drive back to my parents

1 comment:

Erin Lewis said...

Thank you for making time to see us on Monday! We cannot wait to see you and Jackson! I will text or call you this afternoon/evening to let you know if we will be in the hospital or home by Monday. Take care and travel safe.