Monday, January 18, 2010

December 2009

Scott was able to use the sled I bought for my birthday to slide Jackson around on the snow in our backyard. It snowed 14 inches in Oklahoma while we were in SC for the holidays. I was happy there was still snow left when we got back.
Jackson and Grandaddy (Rachael's Dad)
We threw Josh and Hope a baby shower on January 1st to celebrate their baby boy Jasper. He is going to be able to carry on my Grandfather's name.
Jackson's cousins on Scott's side of the family. From left to right:
Waytt, Mallory, Sam, Ellison, Jackson, Gabbi, and Zachary
Grandmomma Watson (Scott's Mom) reading to Jackson.
My neighbor/friend Kristy took pictures of our house for us after Oklahoma got all that snow. This is the snow drift on the side of our house.

Jackson's 2nd Christmas. We were with Scott's family in Greenville, SC.
Kids love the IPhone kid apps!
Ok. So for those of you who don't know...I40 is closed and I mean CLOSED near the Tennessee/North Carolina border due to a rock slide that literally took out the interstate in that area. Scott and I had driven through the night (making good time) on our way to SC for Christmas. We were on target to get there by 9:00 in the morning after 15 hours of driving UNTIL we came to the road block on I40. Instead of turning around and following the recommended detour, we decided to try the road marked on our GPS that went through the national forest. The road wound it's way deep in the snow-covered forests of backwoods TN. It went from paved, to rock, then to dirt with driving conditions only suitable for 4-wheelers in some places. It wasn't until we came upon a river that my Expedition couldn't cross that we decided to turn back. Thankfully there was enough room to turn around and we almost got stuck...Scott was sweating bullets! There was no cell phone service, so I am very glad we did not get stuck!!! We finally made it to SC...6 hours late!
Below is the creek we crossed towards the beginning of our trek.
At least the scenery was beautiful during our little adventure...
Scott and Jackson both love watching Ice Age.
Jackson with his books
Our house lit-up for Christmas.
My prayer group at Cheesecake Factory celebrating Katie's 30th Birthday!


Lovetts said...

Please email me Katie's bday pic!

Erin Lewis said...

Oh my goodness, I am nervous just THINKING about your adventure over the bridge and through the woods to grandmothers house! Thank goodness you didn't get stuck! I hate that we missed you while you were here, but glad you had such a nice visit with family. We hope to see you again really soon!

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the.fortes said...

We got stuck going around that I-40 deal on our way back to Oklahoma from NC. It was no fun as it took us almost all the way up to Kentucky! I am sure you did the same thing. It was ridiculous and not very clearly marked...

McKinney Madness said...

I must have missed these pictures somehow! I can't believe how much it snowed in OK!! I also can't believe that you never told me about almost getting stuck in a national forest! Word to the wise: GPS' don't know what they're talking about half the time!!