Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jackson's Health Journey

I am happy to report that for the past few weeks Jackson has been free of any sick-like symptoms!!! This is huge for us since most of the time...and I mean MOST...he has struggled with something. For the first 8 months of his life it was coughing, runny nose, ear infections, fever, eczema, vomiting, etc... As you can imagine, this was all very stressful for me! I had already been to a few conventional pediatricians and a couple of naturopathic doctors, but Jackson still was not well. So in March this year I decided to see another Naturopathic doctor here in Oklahoma City. His methods of diagnosing and treating people were very different from anything I had experienced, but I thought "you can't knock it till ya try it". After the first couple weeks with Dr.Reed, Jackson's eczema cleared up and he has stopped having ear infections all together. Jackson has had the croup about 4 or 5 times in his life and after each bout of the croup his cough will last a LONG time and it is usually accompanied with vomiting. Dr.Reed has been the only one successful in getting his cough to stop after each episode. After this last time he got the croup, Dr.Reed figured out that the persistent coughing was due to allergies. After treating the allergy problem, Jackson has stopped coughing and his nose has cleared up! Yeahh!!!! I am super-pumped about this and pray his great health continues!!! We have prayed and prayed for Jackson's health issues to clear up, and I believe Dr.Reed has been an answer to our prayers. All of his medicines are herbal combinations and Dr.Reed will tell you that his knowledge and treatment methods come from God. He says he could not think of them on his own:) Well, after 9 months of working with Dr.Reed I do believe he has a gift from God.
And on a side reason I am so extreme about Jackson’s diet is because I know that what you eat effects your health and I want to be sure to do everything I can to ensure Jackson's good health.

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Kayla said...

I had no idea he kept getting sick. So glad he's healthy!!