Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July Pics

The most recent family picture taken when we were hanging out with my sisters in Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Jackson's thunder thighs barely fit in the booster seat at the place where he gets his hair cut.
Rochelle and Raleigh came to visit me at the end of July while my parents took Raegen and her friend's on a crusie for her graduation. I love spending time with my girls!
Scott won yard of the month in June! Congratulations Honey, you do a great job!
Jackson interested in our new neighbor's tiny dog.
Koen Monahan in ICU in Memphis. He's doing fine now....Praise God!!!
Jackson is 1!!! Thanks Cortney and Jessa for the CUTE romper!
4 generations: Grandmomma, Charlotte, Scott, and Jackson
Our friends from Greenville who stayed the day after Jackson's birthday party to hang out and play...Kevin, Erin, Robbie, us, Katie, and Tee
Some of my family there for our annual 4th of July celebration
Jackson passed out on his Aunt Raegen at church
The Coo Coo clock I brought back from Germany as a souvenir


Holly said...

Jackson is growing up so fast! Love the pic of his thunder thighs! Y'all have a beautiful family.

Erin Lewis said...

I LOVE Jackson's thunder thighs - I had to show this one to a couple of gals at work! Thanks for the pictures, I love to see how you all are doing! Your parents sure make beautiful children!

McKinney Madness said...

I love the pictures, and I can't believe how Jackson is looking more and more like a Kellis every day!! I miss you guys so much and need some hugs and kisses from your little man!