Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scott's Deployment Pics

The 7 star hotel in Dubai, UAE. The big Palm Island still under construction in Dubai, UAE.
A beautiful scene. Refueling the plane in the air. Scott did this about 2 times on every flight. His flights were ~14 hours long.
Another beautiful sky.
A rugby match that looks pretty brutal. Scott was able to take a few "fun" days while he was deployed.
A mosque.
Snow covered mountains.
Look closley and see the tallest building in the world.
Sand dunes and sun.
Dune jumping, I think it's called.
Another beautiful sky.
Scott's room.
Scott: The Aircraft Commander


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Erin Lewis said...

This is incredible. Thank you for sharing these pictures. What an journey that he took but I am glad that he is now home with you and Jackson! Hey, who left the "palm island dubai" message?