Saturday, February 21, 2009

Air Force Dining Out and Jackson

Last night we went to our first Air Force Dining Out. It was at the Petroleum Club at the top of the highest building in Oklahoma City. The view was awesome!This was the "Grog". People had to drink out of one of the 2 toliet bowls for various reasons. One was a mix of all sorts of alcohol and the other was a mix of various things like Red Bull, Cocoa Puffs, Hot Sauce, etc.. Both looked pretty nasty! I did not have to drink out of either one, but Scott did.
The people at our table...I enjoyed getting to know all of them.

Jackson has just started sucking his toes.


Erin Lewis said...

Oh my, how I remember the grog bowl! The one I had was not bad at all! You looked so beautiful and Scott so handsome, I am glad you had such a nice night out! I love the pics of Jackson . . . Robbie loves eating on his toes, it is so precious!

Holly said...

You look so pretty, all dolled up! Jackson is a super handsome baby. Take care.

Katie said...

Ok, I don't know what that toilet bowl thing is but it looks so disgusting! You will have to explain tonight. :)