Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid-march Up-Date

There's been a lot going on so I thought I better blog about it before it gets to be old news. First of all we moved into our house on base a week ago. I really like it here (it just feels right) and I am so thankful to God He worked out all the details and we moved in quick! I am already seeing Scott more and it has already been a blessing financially. Please note our new address: 8426 Metzger Ave Unit A; JBER, AK 99506. We are mostly settled in with the exception of hanging some more pictures and curtains. Once we get the house all finished, I will blog some pictures of our "new" place. :)
This was taken right before we handed Lilly off to her new family and the day we moved out.
This is Lilly with her new family.
Here is a picture of a moose who was checking things out the day we were moving. Scott was able to touch him.
This is a picture of me at 20 weeks. Tomorrow I am 22 weeks, so I am a bit bigger now....and feeling it!
This is Scott and Jackson after they had been out sledding on this very big hill for an hour or so. The reason I did not get any pictures of them auctually sledding is because that would mean I would have to go outside long enough to take the picture and with it being as cold as it was that day (and most days) I was unwilling. I try to avoid being outside in the freezing cold if at all possible.
Here is Jackson playing in the basket we got from Ross and Heather for Christmas.
Jackson is starting to color.
Also, Scott's Grandfather died yesterday. He was 94 years old and in poor health so it did not come as a surprise. He had just lost his wife in January as well. Scott was blessed to have such an involved Grandfather who was a big influence in his life. Dr. Hal Jameson was a giver to his family and the community and he will be missed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February /March 2011

There has been a lot going on and a lot to praise God for...
1. Found out we are having a GIRL! YAY!!! I'm 20 weeks along and feeling good.
2. We are moving out of our rental house and on base next week! YAY!!! I am excited because this means seeing Scott 1-2 more hours a day, $ savings, community feel, etc...
3. Lilly is moving to her new permanent home sometime this month
4. Scott's drew 3 special hunts from the Alaskan hunting lottery and is very excited!
His planned hunting trips include a spring black bear hunt, a September caribou hunt, an October elk hunt, and a spring 2012 Kodiak grizzly bear hunt. Can you say obsessed?!
5. Scott's going to Safety School for the Air Force the month of May. I'm not sure what Jackson and I are doing yet.
6. Scott's sister and her family are coming for a week in April.
7. We are transitioning churches.
I think that about covers the big stuff. Hope all is well with you and thanks for checking in!