Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December & January Highlights

As you know, I am not the most avid blogger, but I do try to do it once a month so those of you who care can stay up-dated for the most part.
This was taken 2 days ago. Jackson, his "Daa-ee" and his dino.
Here is our baby at 12 weeks. The lady who did the ultrasound (bless her!) thought it was probably a girl, but could not tell for sure. I would love that! Do you know how hard it is to get an ultrasound when you want one?!?! Very hard! Who knows how many people and places I talked to before I finally found someone 2 hours away who would let me check on my baby!
It was a relief to find her (?) alive and well. Praise God!
Here we are on Christmas morning at my parent's house. Poor Jackson was sick that day, but I think all the excitement helped to make it better.
Men at the house: 4 of them live there. 2 are son-in-laws. 2 hang out there often hoping to become son-in-laws. ;)
The sisters ready for Santa to come!
I was able to get away for just a quick trip to Birmingham to go see Cortney and her new baby, Sarah Taylor, and Jessa and her older baby, Cooper. Both are so precious and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them so much!!!

This is what happens when you leave Jackson alone with styrofoam for a little while. If you think his face was a mess....you should have seen the den!
A moose in our driveway.
A moose leaving our front porch.
We threw a Christmas party for the friends we have made here in Alaska. We ate good food and of course, played Dirty Santa. It was a lot of fun!
We also celebrated Scott's 32nd Birthday that night.
Notice Scott's trim jaw-line...that's what happens when you loose 30+lbs. Go Scott!
Notice my full jaw-line...that's what happens when you get pregnant and start packing on the lbs! :)
Our 2011 Christmas family photo taken in our back yard.