Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jackson 2 Year Old Photos

These pictures were taken by Lucas Brown with Kickstand Studio at my parent's house in SC around the time of Jackson's 2nd birthday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday of Fun

This was the Saturday of fun (for Scott). Scott went fishing early Saturday morning with a friend from church. They went fishing for Silver Salmon and each caught one!

After Scott got back from fishing we went to the Knik Glacier. We never actually made it to the glacier, but we did ride our Polaris Ranger beside the Knik River. It was a wide open area with a lot of interesting terrain. There were rivers we road through that covered the floor board. The video at the end shows some of the areas we went. There were also a lot of people fishing, four wheeling, and camping. It was a really interesting area. In this picture you can see the Knik Glacier in the background with some people fishing as well.

Some of the wide open river bed areas we rode on.

This is Jackson having fun out on the ranger!
Here was a little stream we crossed in some of the more wooded trails.

Another picture of the river and glacier.

Here are some families out camping

Some more people out on their four wheelers.

Here is the video of us going through some pretty deep water.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Raegen and Cale's Engagement Pictures

I cannot believe my baby sister in getting married...and to Cale Ferguson!!!! What in the world?!?!?? I introduced these 2 when we were living in Columbus. Cale went to church with us and his dad Billy is the preacher. They did not keep up once we left, but they ran into each other at a Christian college retreat in January and have been inseparable ever since. I'm so excited for them! You can really tell they are IN LOVE!!! The wedding is August 28th. YAY!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Trip to the ER

Monday morning I heard a scream from Jackson's playroom and I went running to see what had happened. I freaked out when I saw a gash in Jackson's head and lots of blood. It's one thing when it's someone else or yourself, but when it's your baby......
Scott did not think it was deep enough for stitches so we did not go to the ER right away, but reconsidered later that evening. It was deep and he ended up getting 4 stitches. The doc convinced me that giving him a mild sedative (Ketamine) would be harmless so we did so it would be less traumatic for Jackson (and me). A few minutes after the sedative kicked in Jackson stopped breathing and started turning white. I quickly drew this to the doctor's attention and they had to open his airways and give him oxygen. It scared me so bad because I did not know what was going on. Later the doc told us that he had never seen a child react that way (hypoxia) to Ketamine. Well you better believe we will think long and hard before we ever give him a "harmless" drug again!
My sweet sweet baby boy dazed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our House

This is our rental house Here is the back of the house.
Scott organized the garage
The living area downstairs is one big room, which I really like.

Our bedroom
The guestroom
Jackson asleep in his toddler bed
The exercise/playroom/guestroom