Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Highlights

The past 5 days we have focused on potty training Jackson. I decided we should let him run around naked so that when he pooped or peed we would know it and also so he would learn to recognize the sensation and learn to go on his potty and not the floor. He took to peeing on the potty very well, and by now he poops on it most of the time. This potty training business is a lot of work, but I'd say we've been successful! Now we have to figure out how to transition him to using the potty when we are away from home. Way to go Jackson! We saw this moose in our neighbors front yard on the way to church. Last week 3 were in our yard but I was not able to get a picture. Apparently the colder it gets the more moose you see in the city limits.
I discovered this place called Bouncin Bears. It is a great way to let Jackson burn off some energy and stay warm!

If we won't rock him, I guess he'll rock his own self to sleep. Poor baby.


Amanda said...

Hey Hamiltons-Just wanted to let you know I think of you guys often and hope you are adjusting well to your new culture.

Jessica said...

Aww he's getting so big!!

McKinney Madness said...

2 questions: What's the duck tape for on the potty? SCARY! And #2: If you see a moose in your yard, can you kill it? Talk about some sweet moose tenderloin to eat on for a looooong time! ha!!!