Monday, June 22, 2009

7 Year Anniversary

Today makes 7 years for Scott and I as a married couple. I have been blessed to have had 7 good years of marriage with the man I love.
This was my Dad walking me down the isle.
My Grandpaw preformed the ceremony and we had the wedding in my back yard. It was a wonderful day! This was a candid shot taken right after the ceremony.

Pardon the getto pictures. We did not have digital pictures so all the ones I have are scanned and I'm not sure why I cut this one like I did. O well. You get the picture. These were Scott's groomesmen.
These were my bridesmaids.
This is us on our honeymoon enjoying chocolate covered strawberries. We usually have chocolate covered strawberries on our anniversary since we love them so much. In fact, we are eating them right now.


Erin Lewis said...

Congratulations! I should have remember that yours was yesterday because ours is today - I wish I could say that it has been seven but it has only been two for us!

lisa bialon said...

Congrats on 7 years!! We'll hit our 7 in Dec.!
I thought of you lots today...first day of VBS! Are you helping this year? I didn't see you today, but there are a million people, so I wouldn't be surprised if I missed you. Anyway...guess who's class got double booked?!? class again!! Nightmare! It all came flashing back from last year! :o) Anyway...we survived...but it could be an interesting week!! ha!

Robin said...

Congratulations! I bet it doesn't feel like it was that long ago!

Beverly said...

Congratulations on seven years...your wedding was beautiful! May you encounter many wonderful blessings this year! Love you 2!