Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My 2 Men and my 2 Homes

Scott is deployed to the Middle East until January 15th. I know he would love to get cards in the mail especially during the holidays! Here he is at a rugby game on his day off in southeast Asia. You can mail him a card at no additional charge to: Captain Robert Scott Hamilton; 965 EAACS; APO AE 09853
Jackson is 5 months old here. Here is a picture of him sticking out his tounge. I think it is so cute when he does this!

These are both of my homes....the top one is in SC where I am from. The bottom one is on Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City where I live when Scott is home.
I thought this was a cool picture since it was taken from a helicopter.


the.fortes said...

Whoa! did you grow up in that house on the water? is it the ocean? That's crazy! Jackson is adorable!!! Scott is looking good and as happy as he can be considering you are apart! Bet you can't wait to see him!

Holly said...

I think you are really brave. I am so proud of all our service men, but also of their wonderful wives who stay strong at home. Hang in there. We will pray for you guys!

Pat Cloud said...

I like your home at Tinker the best - because that is where we want you to be! We miss you so much, but have loved seeing picture of Jackson, your home and your family. We are so eager to see you all. God Bless! Prison Ministry Gals!