Monday, April 27, 2009

2 Milestones

This past week Jackson hit two milestones. He started crawling last night (the video is below)and earlier in the week we introduced him to solid foods. So far he has eaten bananas and avocados. I'm going to be feeding him homemade organic food. I'm excited about giving him nothing but the best!...feeding him is my new hobby:) Trying to figure out the sippy cup thing.
Jackson and his Daddy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Praise God!!!

Can I just say... THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! I am so happy I could almost cry! I have been praying and praying that Jackson would get well. He has been fighting something for MOST of his life from yeast infection on his butt, ear infections, runny nose, eczema, croup, congestion, fevers, and a cough that seemed like it would never go away! It has been really stressful on me trying to do everything I know to do to get my baby boy well. About a month ago I started going to a Naturopathic Doctor here in Oklahoma City (Dr.Terry Reed) since the conventional medical community was not offering any solutions (just treating symptoms). Since then his eczema has cleared up, his congestion and runny nose is gone, he has not had an ear infection, his fever is gone, and last but not least.....HIS COUGH IS GONE!!! I am totally pumped about all this! We still have months of treatment to go, but I'd say we are off to a GREAT start!!! And as for me... I have more energy, I don't have a cold or cold-like symptoms anymore, I am producing more breastmilk, and other things I won't mention on here.
And might I say again...PRAISE GOD and thank you Dr.Reed!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aunt Rachael's Paintings

My Aunt Rachael is an artist and throughout the years I have acquired several paintings from her. This one of Jackson is the most recent. She has never painted a person before so this was new territrory for her...I thought she did a great job though! My sister-in-law Heather was the one who took the picture when he was 10 days old. All of these except the azalea were trash give-a-ways. The azalea we bought.
This one we hired her to paint.
This is the one she gave me as a wedding gift.
This one Aunt Rachael did not like, so she just gave it to me. Me and Scott thought it was man's trash is another man's treasure!

If you want my Aunt Rachael to paint something for you, you can e-mail her at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April pics

Jackson giving his momma sweet kisses.

Jackson's First Easter Easter Morning

Jackson loves to chew on his footaball!

Scott took a couple hours to hike in the mountains around Quartz Mountain.

This is Quartz Mountain Resort where our class from church had a marriage retreat the first weekend in April.

These are tulips Scott grew and picked for me. Isn't he sweet?!?!

Jackson loves sleeping with things touching his head. I thought this picture demonstrated that rather well.