Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The past 15 months

It's been 15 months since I've blogged and the following are pictures taken during that time.
The pictures are not in order, although I wish they were.
June 2013

The weather here the past month has been the best it's been since we moved here. It's been great!
The first year we were here we broke the record for the most rainy days in a row.
The 2nd year we were here, we broke the record for the most snow.
                                   The third year we broke the record for the longest winter.
                     I kid you not...May 18th, it was snowing. June 18th was record breaking heat.
                               This climate is the most extreme and fickle at the same time.
                                                                It's time to go home.

June 2013
 Scott shot this bear and another one this May in the Prince William Sound.
 Scott took this while on his bear hunt this May...2013
 Our most recent family photo taken at my parent's in SC.

Scott's Uncle John and Aunt Liz came to visit in May 2012
My sister Raleigh came to visit in May 2012 while Scott went on a bear hunt.
Scott shot this brown bear on Kodiak May 2012

 This is our 10 year wedding anniversary
July 2012
In July 2012 my brother Rhett, Bethany, Bella, and Maya came to visit.

 Rhett, Bethany, Bella, and Maya
 Jackson giving me flowers

 Kristina came to visit in July 2012
 Carolina's 1st Birthday

 Scott was the director of the 2012 Air Show here in AK.  It was a HUGE job as more than 200,000 people attend.  Here he is awarded with a plate for it.
 Here he is directing in his golf cart.  We came and paid him a visit.
This was taken in June of this year.
 Jackson can write his name!
 My baby sister Rochelle graduated!  Raleigh and Raegen are on each side of her.

 Denali taken from the plane Scott's flying
 Yesterday we went and hiked Crow Pass for our 11th wedding anniversary.

 Scott's big halibut

 The most recent picture of Jackson and Carolina.
The ladies retreat with the TurnAgain Church of Christ.

My whole family. Picture taken Feb 2013...absent were Bethany and Cale

This is my brother Ross and his wife Heather and baby Adelaide.  They are missionaries in Tanzania Africa.  Please keep them in your prayers.

 Me and my 6 siblings: Rom, Rachael, Rhett, Ross, Raegen , Raleigh, and Rochelle

 Carolina is a little confused about how to pee like a girl.  This was taken a few months ago. Now she is doing very well with it. :)  This month she was weaned, potty-trained and learned how to climb out of her crib.  Busy month for her!

 Our "adoptive" son in Cozumel is baptized...YAY!!!
 Rachael with Muskox Man at the start of the Iditarod Race
 Hugh and Suzanne Hamilton.  This is Scott's father and who he will be working for after he gets out of the Air Force in September.
 Scott and Jackson went ice fishing.

 Carolina at 18 months

 a view from Scott's plane

 Our house at Christmas time

 Our snowy and icy back yard

 The 1st Christmas we spent by ourselves

 The Kellis girls....taken in Novemeber 2012
 Me and my Dad

 Me and Rom...reminds me of the pic above
 The bison Scott shot:
In case you are wondering Scott has shot 2 caribou, 3 bears, a goat, a moose, and a bison.
Not bad for 3 years.
 A bear in front of our garage
 Jackson dumped a bottle of soap in my parent's tub.
 At the fair in SC with Mom and sisters
 Jackson did a hard and scary ropes course with Rochelle.  We were all impressed and think you should be too! :)
 Carolina with her Papa
 Charlotte came to visit and help me with the kids last fall
 Me and my baby girl
 Scott about to leave for his sheep hunt.  While he was out in the mountains, a storm came through with over 100 MPH winds.  He ended up hiking over 16 miles in 15 hours with over 80 lbs on his back! He did not get a sheep, but I'm just glad he made it out alive!
 Here is some of the storm damage from that night Scott was out hunting/hiking

 My sister Raegen and Cale had their son, Roman, last August
 My friend Laura and her friend came to visit last August

We spend a lot of time in the back yard when the weather is pretty.

 Carolina's first haircut
 Jackson's 1st day of preschool...it was a fail.
 Jackson's first dentist visit

 Carolina's one year old pics.
 Jackson's 4 year old pics
 Our family picture taken summer of 2012