Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Caribou Hunt

I just returned from an amazing caribou hunt. I flew to a town called Kotzebue on the west
coast of Alaska. We then flew 80 miles north on a bush plane where we landed on a river bed. What an amazing flight. Then we spent 5 days hunting for caribou. I killed 2 and my friend Ryan killed one. It was a hunt that I'll never forget!! Now for the pics...

Here is the plane we took out into the field.

Ryan and I on the flight out.

This was on the flight out.

Landing can be tricky!

Here is our landing strip. Not your typical runway!

This is what a bush plane looks like taking off!!

This is our camp site. We weren't supposed to have all of this equipment, but Matt Owen the owner of Northern Air Trophy, let us use it. We were living like kings!!

This was our view from camp. Not bad!!

Here is the first caribou that I shot.

Another picture of my first caribou.

This was my second caribou.

Another picture of that one.