Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We made it to ALASKA!!! Scott and Dad drove our vehicles pulling our trailers all the way from Oklahoma to Alaska! It was 4200 miles and it took them about 10 days. They arrived last week and I flew in with Jackson a couple days later (I plan on doing a blog of Scott's trip soon). We are now staying on Elemendorf Air Force Base in temp lodging. We are in the process of signing a lease for a rental house off base. We feel very blessed to have found a nice house, close by, in our price range, with 4 bedrooms, 3 car garage, a good back yard and great neighbors! We will not be able to move in though until August 1st, so we will be here in temp lodging until then. Feel free to pray for us to be able to move in sooner! The weather here has not been so great...chilly, cloudy, and rainy. Hopefully it'll get better soon. The mountain views are beautiful and we plan on going hiking on Friday to see more of the beauty here. Asleep on the airplane...yay!
Jackson swimming with his cousins.
Raegen's ring...for those of you who are into rings
Some of the biggest news in my life is that my sister Raegen is engaged!!!! Raegen and Cale have been dating since January and they are getting married August 28th. So that means I will be flying back to SC shortly. I am the maid of honor! :)
More pics to come of Alaska...

Hilton Head and Good-Byes

Jackson and I enjoying the beautiful beach and weather at Hilton Head. Rochelle, Raleigh, Raegen, and me
The whole gang (except Scott and the kiddos) at Hilton Head.
The last meeting with my prayer group: Andrea, Katie, Brooklyn, and me

Some of the girls who came to our going away dinner at Johnnies.