Saturday, February 21, 2009

Air Force Dining Out and Jackson

Last night we went to our first Air Force Dining Out. It was at the Petroleum Club at the top of the highest building in Oklahoma City. The view was awesome!This was the "Grog". People had to drink out of one of the 2 toliet bowls for various reasons. One was a mix of all sorts of alcohol and the other was a mix of various things like Red Bull, Cocoa Puffs, Hot Sauce, etc.. Both looked pretty nasty! I did not have to drink out of either one, but Scott did.
The people at our table...I enjoyed getting to know all of them.

Jackson has just started sucking his toes.

Our trip to SC

The road weary travelers tanking up at Starbucks.
My friend Cortney holding Jackson and her husband Trey.
Kevin, Erin, and Robbie...friends of ours from Greenville, SC. Scott has been friends with Kevin since elementary school.
My cousins (Luke, Sarah, and Ryan) and I enjoyed a nice walk down by the river. They took turns carrying Jackson.
Jackson with his Paw Paw and cousins Gabbi and Ellison.
We stopped in Georgia to see Lisa....we've been friends since I was 3 years old!
She found out recently that she is pregnant with twins!!!

Scott's Deployment Pics

The 7 star hotel in Dubai, UAE. The big Palm Island still under construction in Dubai, UAE.
A beautiful scene. Refueling the plane in the air. Scott did this about 2 times on every flight. His flights were ~14 hours long.
Another beautiful sky.
A rugby match that looks pretty brutal. Scott was able to take a few "fun" days while he was deployed.
A mosque.
Snow covered mountains.
Look closley and see the tallest building in the world.
Sand dunes and sun.
Dune jumping, I think it's called.
Another beautiful sky.
Scott's room.
Scott: The Aircraft Commander

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visiting SC

Well we have been in SC for about a week now visiting family. We plan on driving back to Oklahoma on Friday...the day before Valentines Day.